What is 2045 Seattle?

Our Mission

2045 Seattle seeks to break Seattle’s reputation of politely standing still, of not dealing with our problems head on, transit or otherwise, while the rest of the world builds around us. The new Seattle Public Library, which only took one public vote, gave us a taste of a new, constructive Seattle and, quite frankly, we want much more.

Would You Like to Join 2045 Seattle?

If you find that our current mission is something you’d like to help out with, simply step up and be counted. A lot of people contributing in the ways they can, whether large or small, adds up to something quite remarkable.

How is 2045 Seattle Paid For?

We’re happy to tell you how much this group costs and where we get our money. We run completely on volunteer labor and what money has been donated goes to the supplies and tools we needs to fight the good fight.

It cost $10 to register the two domains 2045seattle.org and 2045seattle.com. Hosting the site costs a couple bucks a month and a big bag of buttons cost $50. All told, it’s pretty amazing what you can do with about $70 and a couple days of free time. All the ideas on this site are contributed by many people through conversations and emails.

Since our humble beginnings, we have been offered money to help with the effort, so we went legit.Contacting 2045 Seattle