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Seattle is located between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, a stretch of the Pacific Ocean. Boasting the largest population of any city in Washington it is a popular holiday destination for the young and the old alike, and if you’re a coffee lover you can’t look past Seattle, the home of coffee growers and aficionados. Full of entertainment and opportunities for adventure it is well worth visiting.
If you have already decided upon visiting Seattle you will not be disappointed, in fact you may very well have the most unforgettable holiday of your life. Home to many musicians, including fabulous Jazz and Grunge performers you wont be short of excitement. In fact, Seattle is known as the most “unchurched” place in America. This makes it the ideal destination for the atheist and agnostic alike.
Besides the indoor activities you are sure to enjoy there is also an abundance of outdoor adventures to be had. Whether you’re interested in Sailing, para sailing, cycling or camping you will find Seattle the perfect place to enjoy your favorite outside pass times, or try out something new. Hikers are treated to something special as Seattle is perched atop seven hills and is full of picturesque rivers, forests and fields.
Despite the fact that Seattle suffers earthquakes from time to time it has always maintained a huge popularity with travelers and tourists. With it’s Victorian architecture, unique shops and fine art galleries it is considered the cultural crown atop the head of the Pacific North West.
Not only for art lovers who enjoy paintings, sculptures and music, Seattle is also the perfect destination for the movie buff with the Seattle Film Festival screening films of international standards. It also plays host to a number of ethnic festivities, including the famous Greek Festival.
If you enjoy the culture and fun of festivals then it’s highly likely you will enjoy the Pike Place Market, a popular haunt for the locals and newcomers it will leave an impression on you lasting long after you’ve returned home.
There is always something to do in Seattle. With the Aquarium proudly displaying various sea life you can even venture underwater inside the safety of a glass dome and see different varieties of shark frolicking all around you. Then there’s the water front promenade linking the piers together where you take a walk, go on a harbor tour or a cruise or even relax with a little fishing trip.
Of course we can’t talk about visiting Seattle without going to see the Space Needle. It is the American equivalent of the Eiffel tower – it is truly an archeological wonder. Standing at 520 feet tall you will have to ride an elevator for 41 seconds to reach the observation deck and look out over the beautiful city. While here you can’t pass up the chance for a meal in the restaurant – it revolves 360 degrees and has made the tower famous.
If you have the kids with you, or if you just enjoy seeing animals, you can pay a visit to the fabulous Woodland Park Zoo. It is home to piranhas, penguins, gorillas and even elephants. Or perhaps you’d be interested in soaking up some history with a guided underground tour on which you will learn about the early settlers of Seattle.
If you’re the adventurous type then you wont want to miss out on seeing the city from land and water Duck! People adventure – a coast guard certified maritime captain will take you on a tour of the “Emerald City”. You will be amazed when your truck is driven into the water, only to find it floats! Where else in the world could drive into the river and then back out on to land? No where. So don’t miss out!

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