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Seattle has long had many stereotypes surrounding it; the rainy days and coffee shops, fish markets and hippies and slackers. Although there is a little truth in some of these ideas they do not define the city. It is exciting and a true joy to the intellectual alike. If you really want to experience Seattle first hand forget what you’ve heard and take it all in with an open mind – you wont regret it.
Before visiting Seattle for yourself you will probably already have a long list of things you want to do and to see – while The Space Needle may sound unoriginal because of its huge popularity it is not something you can afford to miss. Standing on the observation deck will provide an unmatchable view of the city and it’s inhabitants, as well as letting you admire various landmarks you may want to visit during your trip.
Another place you wont want to miss out on is the Experience Music Project. Both inside and out the museum is ultra modern and Frank Gehry’s famously distinctive architectural style is boldly apparent. With involving activities and the latest technologies it will provide an unforgettable experience sure to thrill all music lovers.
Then there is the spectacular water front. It’s a natural wonder right in the middle of a city full of life and excitement. Taking a trip down to Bell Street Pier will be unlike any other place you’ve ever visited before, and you may very well want to return more than once. The plaza is a favorite for those seeking a good meal, a bit of shopping therapy and a fabulous look at marine life. If you get hungry while out and about their are many restaurants perfect for indulging in local seafood while admiring the sights and sounds of Seattle.
With all of the museums and art galleries it is impossible not to become immersed in the culture of it all. The Seattle Asian Art Museum has a wide variety of art exhibiting the influence of the East in the region while the Frye Art Museum allows free entry to those who wish to visit. If you have an interest in the paranormal you should pay a trip to the Museum of the Mysteries specializing in UFOs, bizarre occurrences and unusual history. Or if you prefer taking in some archeological wonders a trip to the Downtown Public Library will leave you amazed – many people have compared this building to some kind of spacecraft.
It should be said that while visiting Seattle you should make the most of their famous coffee, and with cafes scattered throughout the city it will never take long to find one for you. Seattle was where Starbucks began it’s journey to spread throughout the world, but there are also plenty of unique little independent shops for you to enjoy. The food is incredible, from the Asian banquet to the high class cuisine it is not to be missed, whether you want a relaxed meal or a fancy night out there is something for everyone in Seattle.
You should know that it rains almost constantly in Seattle, so it is best just to accept this and be ready for it – the rain can be quite enjoyable here. Rather than sitting in a hotel room and waiting for it to pass you can venture out to a warm, dry place to have some fun. Places such as the historic movie theaters, the museums and the salsa clubs are the perfect places to visit and rain is a nice excuse – however by the end of your trip you likely wont even realize it’s raining any more as one quickly becomes accustomed to life in Seattle.
With so many hotels throughout the city you have your pick, however renting out a vacation property will allow you to feel like a local. You will feel like you have your own home as you wake up in your own time, make breakfast in a real kitchen and quietly wake up with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Then, when you are ready, you can wander out into the street and once again be out in a foreign city, taking in the sights, the sounds and the people.
Just be sure to bring your umbrella along for the ride and indulge in the various coffees Seattle has to offer – you will have the trip of a lifetime and come home with a desire to visit time and time again.

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