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A ferry arrives in Downtown Seattle.
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Are you looking to find a new home around Seattle, Washington? Homes in Seattle have long been popular with buyers looking for a place to settle down, be it to start a family or just enjoy life at their own pace. Due to it’s diverse population and the great lifestyle provided by the city as well as the opportunities it provides Seattle is definitely growing in popularity. It is the city that plays host and home to families of all shapes and sizes who are in search of a little place to call their own.
A huge perk when buying a home for sale in Seattle is that the majority of houses are close to public transport – and if you’ve ever been to Seattle you know that their public transportation services are reliable and second to none. Being at the forefront of the green movement makes for an environmentally conscious and responsible community, meaning that it’s not hard to find transit options that will suit your own personal needs.
One of the more popular ways to get around in Seattle is by using the outstanding ferry network. Washington State Ferries is the largest ferry network in the nation and it connects the island communities to the city. This means that if you want to buy a home Seattle you can easily live on an island off the coast while still commuting without hassle into the city to access all the wonders it has to offer for you and your family.
In early Seattle history street cars were essential for linking up houses with schools and places of business. After 1889 they connected all of the far out neighborhoods with the inner city and downtown area. Although street cars are no longer a working fixture in Seattle the inhabitants will see their legacy in the homes for sale that have a distinct community feel unique from the city.
With a public bus system running a number of routes throughout the city there are countless options for getting around. Approximately 20 percent of people working in Seattle rely on public transport for their commute, and with buses connecting many commercial areas with residential areas this is no surprise. In the near future buying a home in Seattle will also give you access to a light rail option linking the airport with the city using a reliable and well developed rail service.
Living in Seattle, Washington, makes residents a part of a thriving community full of entertainment, jobs, good schools and adventure, all while living in one of the “greenest” cities of the 21st century.

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